What is WERQ? | WERQ (pronounced “work”) is the wildly addictive cardio dance workout based on trending pop and hip hop music. Our mission is to create a judgement-free dance space built on good vibes, a great sweat, and a supportive community.

What qualifications are required to teach WERQ? | While there is no test, WERQ Fitness recommends that if you want to teach WERQ classes, you need to be able to keep the beat of the music. 

How do I become a Licensed WERQ Instructor?



1) Sign up and attend the one day WERQ Dance Fitness Professional Certification. 

2) Learn the choreography and master the muscle study guide prior to the certification. When you sign up, you'll get everything you need! 

3)    Join the WERQforce.

What is the WERQforce? | The WERQforce is the WERQ Instructor Community. All Licensed WERQ Instructors are required to be a member of the WERQforce to stay licensed. WERQ is a prechoreographed dance fitness class with an extensive online choreography library available only to the WERQforce. The online library is updated weekly, so instructors get fresh choreography via smart phone, tablet, and computer. With over 1000 videos available, there are endless combinations of playlists.*Instructors purchase their own music.

How much is the WERQforce? | $18/month includes: License to teach WERQ anywhere, access to WERQ marketing materials, an Instructor Profile on WERQfitness.com, exclusive discounts on WERQgear, access to the members-only blog including video tutorials, and WERQforce Newsletter. There are no licensing fees.

About WERQ Instructor Training | $229* includes Continuing Education Credits (8.0 AFAA/ 0.8 ACE/0.8 NASM), a LIVE! WERQ Class and the Official WERQ Training Manual. Training reviews the Concepts of WERQ, the Signature WERQ Warmup and Cooldown, Choreography Design, and The 3Q1™ Method of Cueing and How To Join the WERQforce. (*Subject to change). Register at www.WERQfitness.com.

What makes WERQ® Dance Fitness unique in this industry? | There are many dance fitness formats taught worldwide today each offering something unique. 

  1. WERQ ® classes are taught by Certified Dance Fitness Professionals.
  2. WERQ® is a prechoreographed dance fitness class based on achievable, accessible choreography. Routines are set and provided to WERQ Instructors who belong to the WERQforce.
  3. The music you hear in WERQ® is highly recognizable, popular, and current pop and hip hop music.
  4. WERQ® classes are consistently cued according to The 3Q1 Method™ of cueing making classes easy for participants to follow.