Let’s Get Digital: Virtual GTLFTD
$ 25.00

GTLFTD Dance Fitness Festival invites you to re-live the fun of the first ever virtual GTLFTD dance fitness festival! (Pre-recorded)

 #GTLFTD is more than just amazing sweat sessions and dance parties. #GTLFTD is about unlocking your personal purpose through movement and learning with gifted and lifted leaders of the dance fitness community.

Pause. Rewind. Replay. All from the comfort of your own home. You’re sure to work up a sweat while taking these classes. 

Enjoy 4 dance fitness classes: 

  • GROOV3 with Ben Allen and DJ Shai                  
  • PomSquad with Mattrick Swayze and The Jenarator 
  • Florida Fit with Antwon Keith Collier
  • WERQ Dance Fitness wtih Haley Stone, Tara Jackson, and Tiffany Mikhail